Winamp Mp3Tag Plugin Workaround round 3!!!


Ok...I know that I'm asking too much, but I would like to know if the mp3tag devs are interested (or will ever be) to work on a Winamp Plug-In (based on mp3tag code).

Since Winamp's Media Library supports only the basic tag fields (Artist,Album,Title,Year,Genre,Track Number and Comment) this Plug-In could offer support for extended tag fields in Media Library and of-course more advanced edit tag options.

Personally, I am interested for the extended tag fields in Media Library support (what's really the point to have fully tagged audio files and can't view them through your player) and that's why I attach an image that shows how this Plug-In could look like...

I'm really looking forward for your replies and to know how do you feel about this idea...

Cheers!!! :music:


Thanks for your suggestion. I'm really sorry, but I don't have any plans to build a plugin which puts any of Mp3tag's features to Winamp.

Best regards,
~ Florian