Winamp not reading Mp3tag artwork

thank you for this nice tool mp3tag, I have recently embedded some art work using mp3tag for several albums and when adding the albums to Winamp, it does not detect the album art.
I did post at Winamp, but have not yet gotten a response.
I was wondering if anyone on this forum could help me out or have encountered this problem and if so what I might be doing wrong?

You can try re-saving the tag after changing Options > Tags > Mpeg to write ID3v2.3 with UTF-16.

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Work fine with ID3v2.3 UTF-16, but Traktor software convert all tag to ID3v2.4 and Winamp show correctly all artwork, ┬┐exist any to chance to fix in next beta version? thx for the support and sorry for my bad english. Gracias desde Argentina!

I've also encountered this problem and yes I also use ID3v2.4 due to the fact Traktor uses this version. The not showing of album artwork as you described is also occurring in MediaMonkey as well. Traktor on the other hand reads out the artwork perfectly.

From my experience I suspect it's related to the file size of the mp3 and the file size of the embedded cover. Sometimes the artwork of files with large sized embedded cover art does not show up, sometimes it does. Whether it does or doesn't seems to be related to the file size of the initial mp3 file. If it's over let's say 15 mb Winamp seems to be 'lazy' and will not attempt to search for the cover art if the cover is above a certain file size (400 kb approximately). Same thing occurs with MediaMonkey. Try reducing the file size of the artwork you might see cover up to do show up.

I have no idea whether this is a fault on the end of the tag reading by mentioned players or if there's something going wrong in the tagging process using Mp3tag. I thought I'd just share you my experiences. Hopefully the Mp3tag team can look into this, since it's pretty annoying.