Windows 10 Can't read or edit tags

I just wiped my computer from win7 and installed Windows 10.

Setting all my programs up and went to edit some mp3 files and I can't seem to edit the tags.

Then I went to some I did a few days ago to look at the settings, etc and mp3tag won't read those tags. It leaves the fields like artist track, etc. blank. I play them in foobar, winamp, and they are fine. The tags are there

What is going on? anyone else have any idea?



check if you have APE tags in the files.
If so, disable to read them and see if the tag data is visible again.

Thanks I'll try that.

What I did do was uninstall 2.8.2 or whatever the newest is and I installed 2.71 - works fine!



2.71 cannot be installed as portable version, 2.82 can. So perhaps you have set 2.71 to something different than 2.82 ...

Let's see what the APE investigation brings.

Uninstalled 2.71, reinstalled 2.82 as standard install (not portable) and out of the box it worked.
Clicked on read APE and yes you are right, that does make the difference. If it is unclicked it seems to both read and write the tags properly.

thanks for the help...any idea what the APE tag messes it up?



In Mp3tag you have the following priorities:
Some program along the ontogenesis of the file wrote information exclusively to APE tags - but did not synchronize the other (existing) tag versions.
Replaygain likes to write the RG information in APE tags but leaves fields like TITLE and ARTIST untouched in V2.
So when MP3tag reads the tags, then you see only the APE tags (provided you have set to read APE) which are mostly empty.
When you switch off reading APE tags, you see the V2 (or V1) tags again.

And the statement that Windows 10 cannot read tags is not really true, I assume.