Windows 10 Store version - can't find a way to remove context menu lisitng


I enjoy MP3tag, but don't really need to see it on the context menu everywhere I right click : )

I can't find the setting to remove it from there, I've had it for a while but this wasn't like that before.

Is there a way to remove it ? Tried looking at the registry but can't find it there. Tried Settings, can't find it there.


It's not possible to remove it at the moment.

Thanks ! (From what you're writing, it's not even possible via a registry modification ?)

Also, will you provide the option to do so in a future update ?

I've added this with Mp3tag v3.11e for the Microsoft Store version which should arrive soon on your device.

See Options → General for configuration options.

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Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

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