Windows 10 with a pen touch and MP3Tag

Hello everybody,
I would like to use MP3tag with a windows 10 tablet and a touch pen.
I can't select multiple tracks with the touch pen. there is no "checkbox" next to the tracks as in windows explorer for example.
Is there a solution?

You can not press the CTRL key and then select multiple tracks with your touch pen?

Or do you want to select them without any keyboard?

I don't have such a device for testing, so any advice might be misleading :slight_smile:

Can you try pressing the pen in any white area of the file list and then select using the selection rectangle that appears?

I want to use the touch pen only.
I work on a Windows tablet :wink:

I'm at work.
I'm trying tonight at home and I'll keep you posted.
Thank you for addressing this issue.

I did the test last night with a list of 10 tracks. I want to select tracks 4,5,6.
Indeed, if we have a white area at the bottom and on the right side we can select the desired tracks.
If we only have a white area at the bottom we cannot select
the desired tracks. The selection is necessarily made from track 10.
In summary, in order to be able to select particular tracks, you need a list of short tracks and remove columns to have white areas at the bottom and on the right.
Unfortunately dean most of the cases my lists are long and I have a lot of columns.

Even though, admittedly, it is problematic to select specific file groups just with a touch pen, I wonder what follows the selection?
I mean: I can hardly imagine any decent procedure (in Mp3tag) that then does not rely on some kind of keyboard input - so

Will hardly lead anywhere.
The alternative, though, that I could imagine for the time being: use the explorer with its options to select the files and drag&drop only these on/in MP3tag.