Windows 10, WMP 12 and FLAC files

In the beginning disk space was expensive and someone created MP3 files and they were good. Today, disk space is measured in TB not MB and is much cheaper, so I am toying with the idea of re-ripping several thousand CDs to FLAC files.

Windows 10 considers FLAC a native file format but Microsoft has implemented it in a rather half-hearted manner so that only some tag fields are recognised.

In the old MP3 world, I sometimes used MP3Tag to enter my tag info and it soon migrated into the WMP11 database. Alternatively, I could enter tag info in WMP11 and it would migrate to the MP3 files.

The position with WMP12 and FLAC files is rather different. To get anything working remotely properly, I have given up on native FLAC support and installed a WMP plug-in called WMP Tag Plus. This improves things in that I can now use MP3Tag to enter details and they migrate into the WMP database. As far as I can see though, there is no way to enter the date into WMP12 and have it migrate the data to the FLAC files. This is generally my preferred way of working and I was wondering whether anyone has found a better solution.

Thanks for looking and for your help.

Mp3tag + Winamp? Yuo can read about it here: Unofficial Mp3tag & Audio Efficiency Guide V.1

I would only use WMP if Microsoft would pay me to do so. [But I do use Media Player Classic for videos, having switched from a very long usage of other players- but that is whole different story]

Thanks, I'll have a look.