Windows 11 Insider Preview 225145 Server Busy

Windows 11 Insider Preview 225145

Installer reports Staging Package Failed 0x8008204 the appx package is invalid

when launching mp3tag get server busy .. only recourse is to kill the process

You're probably referring to Windows 11 Insider Preview 25145 from the Developer Channel.

There already is a topic on that which I link for your reference here:

I've also submitted Feedback on that to Microsoft with no response so far. It would be great if you could also upvote the linked feedback.

I'm also moving this to #support as for now, I'm not seeing the bug with Mp3tag. It could still be an issue with Mp3tag, but I prefer to keep it in a state of investigation.

Edit: Just tried with 25145 and confirmed the error message during registration of the sparse package. I don't get the "server busy", though. Mp3tag is working fine for me.