Windows 11 media player updated information doesn't show

When using Windows new media player to update information it uses the properties only as far as I can tell with the exception of song art. MP3Tag doesn't read any of that information and uses what ever was set in itself only. I have confirmed that it is saving as it shows up in other software and YouTube music when uploaded.

Which tags you read, write and delete in MP3tag?
See tools>options>Tags>Mpeg.
Also, check, which tag versions reside in the files that you updated.
Are there any APE tags?

I have all of them checked and how do I find what tag versions are in the files

Either scroll the files list to the right where there should be a column that tells you something like "APE (ID3.V1, ID3.V2, APE)" or select a single file and press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue. In that dialogue look at the dialogue title.

This is from the one edited with Windows 11 new media player

This one hasn't just mp3tag

And now go to Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg and switch off Read:APE.
Close the Options dialogue.
Then press F5 or Ctrl-T to re-read the tag information and see whether you see now all the data that you expected.

yes that fixed it


Not quite.
This means that you have APE tags in the files. Unless you really need them (which is hardly ever the case), the go and delete them.
As otherwise you still carry around data that does not get updated and that gobbles up space and where you can never sure whether these tags are up-to-date or the others.

Go to Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg again.
Switch off: everything for all other tag versions.
Switch on: Read:APE Delete:APE.
Save the changes.
Re-Read the files.
Select them all.
Right-click on the selected files and select "Remove tag".
This should leave a more more less empty files list.
Now go back to Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
Switch on: Read: V1, V2
Write on V2 UTF-16 (V1, if you want to be compatible with old devices)
Delete: On V1, V2, APE.
Press OK to save the changes.
Re-Read the files.
The tag information should be displayed again.