Windows 2000 no longer supported?

Thank you.

Hi Florian,

I am a paying user of MP3Tag (In May 2007 I donated $20), and I too am greatly saddened to hear that you are dropping Windows 2000 support.

Like the 1st poster, I will not be upgrading from Windows 2000, I cannot tolerate the DRM schemes of the new Windows (like manadatory "Product Activation", etc.). (I even have a boxed copy of XP Pro from when I Beta tested XP for Microsoft, which will go unused.)

So please consider this another suggestion for future Windows 2000 suppport if at all possible!

Thanks for your time.

The problem is in SHELL32.DLL as Barna said.
I've packed Mp3tag.exe (version 2.40) and SHELL32.DLL (WinXP version) into single file with MoleBox. Now I use Mp3tag v2.40 in Windows 2000. It doesn't work with internet.

Look at attached screenshot.

If anybody interested try it:
Edit: removed link.

From Mp3tag's License:

I'm sorry. Couldn't find license in English.