Windows 7 and "Access Denied"


I have v2.45a and I'm running 64 bit Windows 7. I copied my config from a v2.45a I was running on XP to retain my settings.

When I right-click a folder in my Music library and select Mp3Tag, the program opens as expected. Every time I close the application, though, a couple seconds later I get an error message that says "Access Denied."

I would guess that perhaps I do not have permissions to the Program Files folder unless I run as administrator, but since the settings are stored in my user folder that doesn't seem right.

I am not assuming it is a bug of any kind, but if you have any suggestions for me to try to resolve this problem I will be grateful.

Please let me know if I can provide any more information.


Maybe the user you're operating with has not enough permissions to write to the settings folder.

Yes, I don't know why I thought I remembered the settings being under my user profile, but since they're in the Program Files directory users cannot write to that folder unless you "Run as Administrator" when you open Mp3Tag. This is not possible when using the right-click context.

I fixed it by granting all local users "Full Control" to that folder (Program files\Mp3Tag) and subfolders.

Perhaps the user settings would be better stored somewhere besides Program Files? Perhaps in the user profiles, as I thought they were, where users already have full control. Or, users must turn off UAC, then it's not a problem.

Thanks for the response.

By default settings are stored in the user profile folder %appdata%\Mp3tag

But if the settings are copied into the program folders they are read from there.

So if I copy all those folders from Program Files to my user profile everything should still work? More specifically, is there anything I SHOULDN'T move?

I just looked at my XP system again. I have fodlers in both my profile and Program Files but the Program Files one is where all my custom actions and stuff are. I just went to the same location on Win 7.

Thanks for your help!

You must move the folders "data" and "export"
Also very important the mp3tag.cfg file.
The location of mp3tag.cfg determines from where the settings are read.

You can also use menu "File > Save configuration"
It creates a zip file with a relevant files for backup.
Then just extract it to %appdata%\Mp3tag