Windows AERO menu theme


I am in Windows 7. I recently changed to AERO theme.
The menus are not rendered according to the theme. They are like classic theme.
Can you please change it so that they show like AERO theme?

Compared to the really ugly Win 8.1 flat style, I prefer the 'classic style' of Mp3tag. But you are right, Aero would be nice too. Maybe as an option?


Nono, its not an option. Its how window menus are generally rendered according to Windows theme.
So, if I use in Windows 7, let's say, classic theme, then MP3tag shows currectly correcty with classic theme.
THe issue is, that if I use AERO theme, then the menus are not rendered according to AERO, as I
showed in screenshot above.
As an example, here is foobar, with AERO menus correctly rendered.