Windows doesn't recognize cover art

I don't know if I am missing a support file or if something is awry with my pc (VIsta). The program will let me make changes and edit everything but the album art. It says it takes it, but when I look at the file afterward, it still has the mp3 logo instead of the artwork, Try to remove the image and then add back, same thing.

Did several uninstall/reboot/reinstalls, but nothing different.

Suggestions please ?
thank you

What program do you use to check the cover?
Which sort of tags do you read and write with MP3tag (Check in Tools>Options>Mpeg)?
What version of tags do you write?
Do you see the cover in mp3tag?

I use the d/l google images (jpg's) and add those to the folder manually after doing the rightclick/properties/album picture/import/add/save

read: id3v1, id3v2
write; same plus id3v2.3 utf16
remove; id3v1, id3v2, ape

yes, after I select the image, it shows in the pane in lower right, and then hit the save icon in upper right. If I read the file with a hex editor, the jpeg info is there, just no image shows on the file icon.

My OS is Vista

I think it may be a mixup in pc...I checked associated files and mp3 is no longer shown tho mp2 is, and default programs does not list Jaangle, my music player, but if I search registry with regedit, jaangle is there, so it is registered. The music mp3 files also do not show either the artwork nor the usual mp3 icon..they are blank white.

UPDATE: I did a rightclick on an mp3 file, hit properties and then changed the 'open with' by adding my mp3 player to the list (Jaangle), so now the mp3 files show the mp3 icon, still doesn't write images to file however.

Check if your files have not got corrupted somehow e.g. with foobar2000 or mp3val (both freeware).
If e.g. mp3val reports problems, fix one of those files and check in explorer whether it now displays the cover.

Make sure you have selected a view in Windows Explorer that shows embedded pictures. In Windows 7 that can be Extra Large icons, Large icons, Medium icons, Tiles, or Content. Small icons, List, and Details view show the associated application's icon even if there is an embedded picture. I suspect there are similar choices in Vista.

On desktop, did rightclick/view choices in Vista are large icons, medium icons, classic icons. I tried all 3, after rebooting each time. No luck here.

I also d/l foobar2000 and played a couple of tracks. Not being familiar with it, how exactly am I supposed to use foobar to ck if files are corrupted ? It doesnt display any images either.

thx for your patience.

btw, using 249b now, earlier version no help.

Load/drag a file into fb2k
right-click on it and select from Utilities>Rebuild Mp3stream and/or Rebuild VBR header (using both usually doe no harm)
Please also consider mp3val.

First let me add that I also resized the icons in the music folder, not just desktop. No change.

I d/l mp3val
and ran both scans as you suggested, no errors show, then tried to write image to file, nada.

I know in the past I had this trouble with earlier versions too. Sometimes it would take 5 or 6 attempts before the image would write, sometimes I even had to use hex editor to erase some of the data in the bin and then retry, sometimes worked, sometimes not.

One more thing to add, when I load a mp3 file into the tagger, the image is displayed in the image box, but won't write, (used to if I had made some minor edit change to title, etc all I needed to do was hit the save button and the image would reappear - I would not have to reload it) and if I remove the image, save the file, then try to write the image it still is not in the mp3 bin file.

That is good.

Right now I do not know what to do next.
Or this attempt (although this will probably not change a lot): use mp3tag to export the cover file as the file folder.jpg
Although this is used by the older versions of windows, perhaps it does a little and you get a more colourful image.
And finally: you can set the properties of a folder (and all subfolders) that it stores music. Perhaps this will coax the Windows Explorer into reading the covers. (Try right-click on the folder>Properties>tab folder "Adapt" (the third).

I'm thinkig it might have something to do w/my graphics...I used to have an icon in lower right task bar for intel graphics & its not there...if I could figure out how to get it back there, maybe ?
got newest intel drivers for it & installed but still the same..maybe.
I went back to music folder and hit rightclick/view and if I go with med icons or larger, some , maybe 30% of the files have the artwork. Still can't write to it tho...if I remove a cover image and try to write it back, it won't display anymore.

I threw in the towel and wrote back a backup image of Vista to the hdd
works fine now :laughing: