Windows Explorer: context menu item opens file but does not select it

mp3tag added a context menu item to windows explorer, for each mp3 file I see "mp3tag"
but when I select that item, the behaviour is not as I expect
True, mp3tag is opened and the file is loaded.

However, I do NOT see file data in the left-hand panel and if I type something there, it is lost.
why? because the file is DISPLAYED in the main panel but not SELECTED
I have to manually CLICK the file in mp3tag even if I opened it with the context menu.

Can you please add so that the file is automatically SELECTED when opening it from the explorer context menu?
The same applies to explorer's "open with..." menu


Where is the bug, I wonder?
MP3tag does not select a track automatically. This also does not happen if you open a folder or a file from within MP3tag.
Also, I think that you can open a whole folder with the Explorer Shell extension. This does not select the files.
It also does not happen, if you d&d a file from the Windows Explorer into MP3tag.
So in this respect MP3tag is fairly consistent in its behaviour.

There have been several threads that suggest to have an option to get files selected automatically on opening MP3tag.
It has not yet been implemented.
This is not a bug. I would consider is a suggestion for a feature.

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