windows explorer/mediamonkey shows tags that mp3Tag don't... why?


Hello all

I'm running vista;
I have a series of mp3 files that when I open on mp3tag, they don't show the artist, album, year or anything; but when I see then on windows explorer or media monkey 3, the tags appear.
Mp3Tag says that the tags are id3 v2.3; the app is set to read/write all possible versions.

any ideas of what can be happening? This only happens for some files, for others all works perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

PS: I'm running the 2.39p version. I can send a sample mp3 if anyone wants to check it.


I think I discovered it:

If I uncheck the boxes to read v2.3 tags, mp3tag reads the v1 tags just fine;
but If I check to read both, it displays blank.
Is there a way to convert all v1 tags to 2.3 and solve the problem?


You can enable reading of ID3v1 (without enabling the other options) and set Mp3tag to write ID3v2. After that, just re-save the file.