Windows file ratings for WAV files

Can Mp3tag add Windows file ratings (1 to 5 stars)? For MP3, I can easily do that in Windows 10 Explorer (just click star and then save), but this doesn't work for WAV files. So I was wondering if Mp3tag could help me overcome that limitation.

On this page you find a listing of id chunks for WAV files:

I do not see one for rating ...

Thanks for the pointer, Ohrenkino! I googled some more (well, a lot more), and it seems that MP3 has a wealth of metadata that is supported by many operating systems (and thus fully portable between systems), while WAV supports a lot a stuff, but very little that's interesting for mere mortals like us.
WAV supports ratings only via applications like Windows Media Player (WMP), Foobar, etc. Rate a WAV file 3 stars in WMP, and ... the rating won't show up in Foobar! Ironically, it won't show up in Windows (File Explorer) either. WAV was created by Microsoft and IBM, so you'd expect better tagging support at least in Windows.
The workaround is to create MP3 copies of your WAV files, and rate those (seriously!). I wrote a Powershell script that does this (using ffmpeg). If anyone wants it, shout out.

Or you use a lossless format like FLAC that supports ratings.
(Your observation that the rating from within WMP are not visible elsewhere is owed to the fact that WMP then stores the rating in its database only.)

Right. I just checked FLAC in Windows File Explorer. Rating support is, well, ominous. :slight_smile: You can rate, save the file, and ... the rating is gone! That is, Windows doesn't preserve it.
I checked MP3 again, and it turns out Windows writes ratings into the file itself. Transfer the file to another (Windows) computer, and the rating is still there. (This should work for macOS and Linux, too, by the way.)
No idea why rating support is so poor on Windows. Other FLAC metadata are written into the file, as it should be, and thus survive transfer to another computer.