Windows Folder to iTunes "TV Show" Name

I imported my whole TV show library into iTunes today, and some loaded fine with the TV Show organized properly in iTunes, but many did not.

In Windows, I have each show and season as its own folder in the root Videos folder. (ie Fargo Season 1, Fargo Season 2, Dexter Season 4..)

Is mp3tag able to batch make each of my folder names into the name of the "TV Show" in iTunes?

Do you want to see the folder name as title?
Or something like that?
The FAQs show you how to import tag data from filenames and even folder names:

That might be helpful, I'm not sure.

I think I first need a better understanding of where specifically in mp3tag you can edit the info that shows up as the "TV Show" name in iTunes. I've read through posts and FAQs on here that show what that tag is called, and what relevant iTunes tags are supported, but I can't find where I can change them when editing a file in mp3tag

You could load a file that shows up as you want it.
Then open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see the names of the fields.
Please note that iTunes very much likes to keep data in its own database and may not save it as metadata in the files.
Once you found the field names, take an untagged file,
press Alt-T again,
click the "new" button in the extended tags dialogue
select the correct fieldname (perhaps you have to type it in)
Enter the data for that field
Click OK
Repeat that until all fields have been created
Finally click OK to save the modifications and close the extended tags dialogue.
Check what iTunes makes of it.

If this works, it may be worthwhile to adapt the tag panel and the columns in the file list so that they represent the fields that you need most frequently.

Ok I have a better understanding of how to make the iTunes related fixes manually now.

But I am still curious if there is a batch way to make the extended tag TVSHOW to equal the name of the folder it originated from, where the path is c:\users\me\videos\TVSHOWNAME

Yes, it's described in the FAQ linked from above.

Basically, you can use the converter "Filename - Tag" to also access parts of the directory structure. In your case, it's the direct parent folder of the file, so you could use as format string


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