Windows Media Player 12 - completely lost

I use iTunes, BUT my husband and kids use WMP12. No, they can't switch to iTunes.

OK, so I had some "unknown" artists and albums. I picked one song and added album information to it, using Windows Media Player 12 ... big mistake ... for some reason, it combined a whole bunch of songs onto that one album, even though they are different artists.

I searched for several hours trying to find a way to make the songs show the correct information ... I moved them into folders with the correct file structure, tried to edit the tags ... couldn't in WMP12, tried Roxio ... WMP won't pick up the new tag information.

I found MP3TAG and was so relieved to find SOMETHING! YAY! ... except ... I went through and edited the tags to reflected the correct information. In some cases, I have the CD right in front of me. So I know the tag information is correct ... but how in the world do I get WMP12 to pick up the correct information? I open WMP 12 ... same wrong stuff, I close WMP 12 and go to the song and click on it to play, same wrong stuff

Should I delete the WMP library file and let it rebuild?

Thank you!

Susie in Kansas

If it is not too big then this might be a solution. But as WMP12 is sooooo sloooooow it might be easier to first delete the un-updated tracks from the library (only! not from the file system) and then use the function "Options>Extras>Restore deleted elements" (this is my translation ... the functions are in the right-most menu, at the bottom in a sub-menu. The other function in that sub-menu is "Rebuild library").
This should then re-read those files (if their filename has not changed).
I guess this will be quicker ...