Windows Media Player Custom 1/Custom 2 Fields

Hello there,

I am using Windows Media Player 12 and want to access the Custom 1/2 fields within mp3tag so I can populate the data - any ideas how that can be done?



What about Extended Tags ?

  • View, Extended Tags (or ALT + T)

Yes - looked in there and none of the fields seem to be appropriate...

WMP custom fields are only kept on the WMP database and aren't written out to tags, so Mp3tag can't access that data.

What you could do is use the WMP advanced tag editor to find some tag fields that aren't being used and use them instead of the custom fields. You could maybe use something like subgenre or subtitle.

Take a test file and use the WMP advanced tag editor to write something into those fields. Then look at the file with Mp3tag > Extended Tags and the tags should show up there.

I had a feeling it may have been something like that :frowning:

Thanks for your help - I shall experiment with other fields

Thanks for this answer Stanman. I had the exact same problem as the OP but found this forum post which answered my question. I'm disappointed to see that WMP only uses the custom fields for its own purposes yet I see it's available in mp3tag as well. I had need to make an auto playlist smarter by doing more granular filtering and the only way I could do this was by adding additional tags to the custom 1 field. I did this to a couple mp3's within WMP and it worked great. It's easier to work with mp3tag to do this kind of thing (updating all files at once) so I loaded up all of my songs in mp3tag only to discover the songs I did in WMP weren't displaying the custom 1 in mp3tag. I found an mp3tag post that shows how to add the custom 1 field but the songs I filled out were blank. I had to finish up the tagging in WMP.

Can you tell me if custom 1 / 2 are part of the ID3v2 metadata set and should be accessible by apps or is this a field used by apps but are contained within the app the field is written to? If this is part of the standard I might look for another media manager that uses these properly. WMP is quite powerful (and free) so would hate to give it up but I also like flexibility that is standardized.