Windows Multimedia Edition Album Artist


Recently, I have been having problems getting Windows MultiMedia Edition to recogise the Album Arttist of new MP3 files.

I thought I used to have no problems when using the BAND tag with MP3TAG. I am not sure, but my problems may have started when I upgraded to version 2.36. MP3TAG says that I have the BAND and ARTIST tags set, but Windows MultiMedia Edition says these new files have Unknown Artist for the album. When I look at the individual songs, they do show the Artist that comes from the Artist tag.

I naven't play with Mp3tag Options settings and looking at them, I have no idea as to what I might change that could help with this problem. I really don't know where to start looking.


Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and select one of the ID3v2.3 choices. Microsoft products can't read v2.4

Then save the tags again with [Ctrl+S] or :mt_save: