Windows not showing tags

Hi there, I've been facing a problem I never had before and I'm a little annoyed. Two days ago I was having this problem where I wasn't able to watch certain videos with 1080p resolution and I thought it was a codec problem, so I uninstalled all packs I had and installed a new one. Then I had this weird problem with thumbnails not showing up for video files, to which I fixed using a little software called MediaPreview.

Everything was fine after that, but yesterday I decided to listen to some music and all the tags of all the songs I have wasn't there. I froze in fear thinking all that data was lost until I opened Mp3tag and everything was there, but Windows Explorer doesn't show them at all. Not in the columns and not even on the bottom of the folder and I can't change them from properties. When I use Winamp, it shows all the tags correctly, but if I run a song on Windows Media Player, it first recognizes all the tags, but suddenly changes to the file name, as if it didn't had any tags. Removing tags and putting them back through Mp3tag changes nothing.

This never happened before and it was so sudden. I've spent some hours at forum posts looking for some fixes and found nothing. Can someone help me?

I've been using Mp3tag for a great while now, but this is the first time I've come to the forum. Hope I'm not doing anything wrong. Thank's in advance!

Check the tag version in the files. WE cannot show V2.4 tags, only V2.3 and lower.

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Yes, I know that. As I said, I've spent a lot of time on forums and most people pointed that out, but all of them are 2.3 and lower. Windows 7 (that's the one I use, btw, my mistake for not telling that) used to show all tags with no problems, since they were the correct versions.

Check one of the files with mp3val, mp3diags or foobar and see if that does anything good.

If WMP first shows the information and then removes it, it looks to me that WMP still had the tag info in its own database and then performs an update for that file so that it removes the info from the database as it cannot read it.

Perhaps that MediaPreview thing modified the tagging in such a way that you now have several tags stacked on top of each other. This would be revealed by mp3diags.

I've checked some files with the three software mentioned and they look okay, no errors or whatsoever. I've noticed that Windows Explorer not only shows tags in .wma files with no problems, but also allows me to edit them, while all .mp3 files are hidden and unchangeable. I tried uninstalling Media Preview and rebooting, didn't help. :confused:

What about ownership and access rights? Just guessing. Windows usually reads any tag (even APE) as long as they are V1 or V2.3
So it is just some poking around in the mirk.

Which program is the default program to open MP3s? Has that changed? I haven't got a clue why your system behaves in this way.

No changes, Winamp was always my player of choice.
And ownership and access rights, I dunno what you mean. I'm the only user and I've set me as an admin as best as I could. There's no excuse for my system to behave like this, this is really frustrating because I'm the type of person who never rests when there's an issue. Well, thank's anyway :confused:

Which version of Windows are you using?

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

I think messing around with codec packs and shell extension software has probably corrupted parts of your windows. It is possible that some dlls are not registered anymore or have been replaced by others.

Did you have a look with the event-viewer if there are some hints?

What you could try instead of a new setup of windows:

I've tried the sfc scan and it didn't work. I'll see if I can do what you suggested about WMP.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling WMP didn't do it. :confused:

Here is a thread in a windows forum about almost the same issue that you have.
Perhaps that helps.

Just passing by to say no solution has been found, I've given up on it already.

I've come to say this because if this thread ends up on Google, someone may know that it hasn't been fixed.

Thank's anyway.