Windows package manager installation error

the windows package manager offers a mp3tag installation but that is not working quite right

C:\Users\typ_xxi\Downloads>winget install --id=Mp3tag.Mp3tag -e
Gefunden Mp3tag [Mp3tag.Mp3tag] Version 3.11
Der Installer-Hash wurde erfolgreich überprüft
Paketinstallation wird gestartet...
Installieren fehlgeschlagen mit Exitcode: 2

And there has a dialog box appeared that simply says that "C:\program files\Mp3tag\mp3tag.exe" could not been written. Please make sure you have rights to write in the installation directory.

Weird, cause if I download the installer manually and install it that will work but not using the windows package manager way cause we got an exitcode 2

I guess that this can not be that big issue but I also have to admint that vnc client is not working right now with a similiar error, but exit code 1.

Sounds like you're missing admin elevation for the installation.

What does that mean cause this is the only application that runs into this particular issue , I mean I had installed 29 and this is the only one complaining about missing rights?

What do I have to do to keep the installer running caus.e now it has stopped the whole procedure.


OK, I now understand that I need the administration rights and needed to start with WIN + R key, then SHIFT CTRL ENTER to activate the administrator mode or rights cause then the script will run flawlessly .

Hope someone else will find this and benefit from.

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