Windows properties shows tags not seen in MP3TAG

Windows 7 Home Premium

I am able to search in Windows Explorer for files using something like the following (return files with 0 in the comment field)


The comment contents can be seen if the field is added to the Windows Explorer search results column list and when the file's properties are displayed, for example

000002BE 0000032D 000029AB 00002B16 0003228D 0001B405 00006EDD 000071E0 0001B297 00025987

However, the comment tag is empty when the MP3 file is sent to MP3TAG using right click.

Any idea why I can't see the contents of the comment field in MP3TAG?

What does the Extended Tags dialogue show for such a file? More than one comment field?

With your pointer I've now figured out what the extended tags are for. Thank you, ohrenkino.

There are two comment fields shown in the Extended Tags - COMMENT ITUNES_CDDB_IDS and COMMENT ITUNNORM.

I've also figured out how to clear them, which is the reason for wanting to find files that had them.