Windows SmartScreen with v2.90

Thank you for this new version!

After doubleclicking the new mp3tagv290setup.exe on my Win10 Pro, I get a warning about "unrecognized App" which "might put your PC at risk". This warning appears only once.

Something like this

It's not a big problem, just to let you know.
(I know, how I can adjust my SmartScreen settings to disable this warning)

Interesting. Maybe SmartScreen needs to learn about the new certificate or it's simply has other properties as the previous one.

I've also tried downloading and installing the latest release and didn't get any warnings even though I have SmartScreen set to "Warn".

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I also received this message on Windows 10 Pro. Thanks for a great tool!

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I've did some further research and learned that SmartScreen seems to assign reputation to an application after it is installed on many systems from different IPs. This reputation then also spills over to the code-signing certificate that is used to sign the application.

This explains, why releases of Mp3tag signed with my previous certificate (which was in use for 3 years) had immediate reputation and didn't show the Windows Defender SmartScreen warning at all.

I've now uploaded a file using my new certificate to the developer dashboard at Microsoft, hoping that this will speed up the process of earning new reputation for SmartScreen.

Thank You,
The new update is working now by my side (Win 10 Pro 1803 17134.319), before was problem with SmartScreen.

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