Windows store still at 2.99a

Howdy, got the great 3.0 as a normal program download but notice that the Windows Store version hasn't updated yet after a week or so. Is it being discontinued? Thanks!

I've submitted it last Thursday (along with the normal release) and it got rejected by Microsoft yesterday evening.

I now need to provide a link to the Privacy Policy from within the app — although it's already linked to from the store listing and despite I'm collecting zero data from app users.

I've started my day with that and resubmitted this morning. Seems like we need to be even more patient this time.

Thanks Florian, I may have missed it but what is the current status of getting the explorer context menus to appear on the Windows Store version? Is that something that's planned, it surprising how useful and often I use that feature. :slight_smile:

It's not planned at the moment. It seems too much of a hassle and I'm trying to not spent too much time on the limitations and extra requirements the Store is imposing.


The Store version is now also at v3.00.