Windows Tag In File List vs MP3 Tag

Hi all,

I'm just worknig through adjusting tags now with MP3Tag and something that I'm finding is that there's a miss match between "windows" tags and MP3 tags? With this I mean for example on the MP3Tag field "genre" I marked several files as "current" BUT when viewed in the normal windows explorer, the "genre" filed displayed in the file list shows NO data at all?

No sure if I have a crossed path between what MP3 tag is actually writing, BUT all seems ok ... The filed in MP3 Tag is correct and so surelly if MP3 tag displays the data windows shuold too? Does anyone know what format the windows explorer file list uses? (APE ID3 or other?)

Further I'm also getting random letters on the end of some of my titles and some fields are not been displayed fully in windows? These were working fine untl I started using MP3 tag? Example

Windows properties shows:

Garmin GPS Units From R2200T

BUT MP3 Tag shows:

Garmin GPS Units From R2200

Further it would seem that Windows is randomly not showing the full tag data example:

Windows properties shows:

Garmin Nuvi 200 Pink Edition G

BUT MP3 Tag shows:

Garmin Nuvi 200 Pink Edition Generic

Many thanks and hope we can solve this small query.

Thanks so much,

Dean :slight_smile:

Hi Dean,

please make sure that you're writing ID3v2 tags that are supported by Windows Explorer, i.e. ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 (see Options > Tags > Mpeg). From your last example it seems that Windows is preferring the ID3v1 tag from your files (hence the truncation after 30 characters) so removing the ID3v1 tag could help there.

Kind regards,