Windows 'Tags' File Property

Can the 'Tags' property be viewed in Mp3tag?
To view/edit the property from Windows Explorer (right click a file > select Properties from the context menu > select Details tab > Tags property is in the description section). Every other property I have searched for is available, but I can't seem to find 'Tags'.

You find the list of fields that are in the file and supported by MP3tag in the extended tags dialogue. Press Alt-T to open it.

Thanks, but I already know about extended tags and it is not shown.
So the answer is no? The 'Tags' property cannot be viewed in Mp3tag

You really see this in Windows-Explorer in mp3-files?

You could examine one of these files with e.g. Mp3diags and see if that information is stored in "priv" fields.
This type of field is not displayed by MP3tag.

It's probably information stored using the Windows Property System, which is not supported by Mp3tag.

Thanks Florian. I suspected so, but it can't hurt to ask.