Windows Vista and ID3v2.4 UTF-8


Can anyone who has access to the Vista betas (hanschke :wink:) check whether it supports
displaying v2.4 (UTF-8 of course) tags in the Explorer and it's Windows Media Player 11 ?

I'd really like to know whether Microsoft has cared about adding support for that ,
or whether they chose to ignore developments in the mp3 area as much as possible to
push their pesky WMA crap :laughing:

Not that I'm too keen on Vista (I am not), but I'd like to know that nonetheless...


Update (for anyone interested):

I just tested Vista RC-1 for a couple of days, as MS' CTP program
has been reopened for the public.

It does NOT support v2.4 UTF-8 tags.
Neither does it display them in the Explorer,
nor in it's Windows Media Player 11.

Not surprisingly, MS doesn't care :wink:


PS: And in general, Vista does not seem to be the "next big thing" like MS wants
to make us believe. :laughing: