Windows XP context menu & auto select-all when loading a directory

Hi, these are two features that would make using mp3tag easier for me but I could not see the relevant options for them in the tools menu. Are they available?

  1. Right click on a file in Windows Explorer (XP) with an option to open the directory in mp3tag.

  2. Automatically have all files selected when loading a directory into mp3tag.

I am using v2.59a and Windows XP. Thanks

This is not possible, instead use shortcut [Ctrl+A] or use the menu to select all entries in the list view at once.

You can do a secondary mouse click on a folder in the windows explorer and open this folder in Mp3tag.

There is also the option to do a secondary mouse click and load one file from the explorer, then apply a Mp3tag tool command to load the entire folder ... or simply use the shortcut [Ctrl+D] and [OK].

All together now ... in Windows explorer on a selected media file ... press ...
... and you get what you want.


Thanks, Ctrl+D is very useful!