Wiped out all ID3 information.

Hello Community,

 I accidentally wiped out all the ID3 Information on over 13k songs that I have uploaded from CD's. I have Been renaming them each  individually and spent about 7 hours only to realize I still have thousands to go. I have them all saved in specific locations so I know who is what and what albums I wish to put into the ID3 information...I just don't know how to direct that information. For example: I have each location saved as the following. -My music- Artist name - Album Name - Songs. 

I have already done the convert file-name to Title and that was perfect, but the file-name does not include the album name, only the title. But, it is saved under the albums folder. I have a attached a photo to be more precise. But Basically, I would like to automatically just take the folder that it is saved in and rename the album for whatever that specific song is saved under. or at least the artist. If I am not making sense just let me know and I will try to re-word it because I am obviously a dumbass and should have never wiped out the information anyways. Thank you for your time and help!

Basically something like a folder name to tag and then specify which tag I wish it to go to. For example %folder name% to %artist% or %album% (I don't know how that works yet but I hope you can understand what I am trying to say lol)

You can still use the Convert>filename-tag function.
Expand the mask from

So inserting the backslash will do the trick.
If you have edited the title already and do not want to get it from the filename again, use the following mask:

YOU ROCK! Thank you, I kind of understand how it works now. This is truly an amazing program and it is awesome to see it being offered for free. When I get some extra cash I will be donating! Thank you much! Saved me a lot of time!