Wish: a way to break out of an action group

JJ wrote

It would be welcome to me too.

E.g. a function

agexit() - exit the current action group

EDIT: Actually, an Action would be much cleaner:

What do others think?

I have been longing for this for quite some time.
This would make things a lot better! :slight_smile:

Without this, the scripting engine of Mp3Tag is very limiting and makes a lot of things harder to prgram and a lot slower to run.
So I think this would raise Mp3Tag to another level, but unfortunately Florian doesn't seem to be willing to go that way. :frowning:

I think that most people don't use the scripting engine of Mp3Tag, because most are not programmers, so they don't complain about this, which makes Florian think that this is not important.

However, it is people like us that actually use the scripting engine to provide free scripts to others and to really take advantage of the Mp3Tag features in a custom and practical way, that makes mp3tag so appealing to everybody.
But again, Florian seems to be falling to see this important link.

The same happens in many other aspects, like FLAC support for instance which is not native, altough it is clearly the first choice format for archiving purposes for almost everybody nowadays. Many people are even using it as the main source for listening!
But florian prefers to support WMA (which almost nobody uses and is not supported by any shopping website that I know of). Unless Microsoft is paying him for that, I can't see the point.

If things continue this way, I think that in the end most people like us will all end up using another program, one of these days, that allows for this. There is at least one (that I know of) that seems to be better tham Mp3Tag in that regard, but I won't mention it here.

Florian is lettting the "train go" and it might be too late to catch up one of these days...
It's a pitty... if he would at least let the code go open source...

99% of my Mp3tag usage is on WMA.

I fear this is correct.

But I still hope Florian will address the issues. Especially is we can fund it.

I would like to Mp3tag scripting offer C#. If anyone would like join me in pledging funds to Florian for this, please say.

Can you please explain a little bit further? I don't understand the "native" term. How FLAC support would be "native"? All my library is in FLAC btw.

I agree in many aspects with your requests and I have mentioned those in the past.

People like you are the reason I wrote almost... :slight_smile:

But I respect it and I don't have anything against WMA or anyone using it.

However, as much as I know, most PC people uses MP3 or FLAC, and Mac people go for the Mac formats (MP4A and ALAC because of Apple products and market) but also MP3 and FLAC if they get things from people using PCs.
So WMA is on a niche and without wide market support I think it's just a matter of time until it's history, so it's not the future...

What I mean is that if Florian considers his work effort according to the percentage of people using a feature (a plausible reason for not doing what we're asking here), then if he applied the same to formats, FLAC should have a lot more support than it has, compared to WMA. I think that is incoherent.

But that's only my view... :slight_smile:

Please check this here, and you'll understand what I mean:

All my archive library is in FLAC too, but my listening Library is in MP3 because of my portable MP3 player. So I actually listen to MP3 files.
But there are some problems with the Date field in MP3 tag, and there are huge confusions if you try to use ID3v2.4.
If it was natively supported this wouldn't be so problematic. But this is just a small example.