WMA Access Denied

I can tag MP3's without issue, however when attmepting to tag WMA I am presented with a error message box :

File "D:_Update\David Bowie\Bowie David - Changes\04 Ziggy Stardust.wma" cannot be renamed to "D:_Update\David Bowie\Bowie David - Changes\ 04 - Ziggy Stardust.wma".
Access is denied.

I would appreciate any pointers that may help.

Many thanks


If you have not access then this could have the following the causes:
you generally have not the sufficient access rights for the file/folder/drive. Best would be that you are the owner.
Or another program blocks the file.
This could be a player (like WMP) or even the Windows Explorer. The latter is particularly likely if you have opened the file(s) via the Explorer context menu. Workaround: close the explorer loading the files into MP3tag or open the files from within MP3tag.

Show us the involved formatstring.
Maybe ... try to remove the leading space character from the filename.