WMA AlbumTitle Tag

Where albums were ripped with Windows Music Player, it appears that they have both "album" and "albumtitle" tags. mp3tag displays/changes the "album" tag. foobar2000 uses the albumtitle tag. foobar2000 only shows the albumtitle tag and mp3tag only shows the album tag (even in the extended tags dialog). mp3tag says there is a mapping between the two; but in my case the texts for the two are different! I need some help in understanding this and how to effectively get to just ONE album tag.

You could try whether it helps to first cut and then paste the tag again.
MP3tag sometimes discards unsupported fields during this process.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Tried cut/paste but that didn't appear to help out.

So I let things set and then checked the windows file explorer and foobar2000. now the albumtitle field is blank! mp3tag still shows the correct album text. so did the "cut" clear the data in both fields and the paste never propagated the data to the albumtitle field? This is so weird.

OK. So I just did the cut/paste thing over again; and everything is fine now.