WMA files on a LG P970 Maximo Black

Hi all,

I use WMA music files on my smartphone without problems.

I've copied some of them to my girlfriend LG Android.
The WMA appear with cover art, album name and track name, but WITHOUT Artist name.
It says: Unknown artist.

The MP3 files appear with all the info.

Seams that the TAG for the MP3 is different than the WMA.
Can this be corrected, or is a LG phone problem?


There has been a thread (/t/12468/12 where a mobile device (different from yours) also did not like WMA files...
So it is apparently an issue about the way the WMA behaves and how the player reads these.

If you converted the files to FLAC or MP3 the issue should be gone.

Thanks for the answer.

I've created a MP3 file from one of the CD's previously in WMA and the phone reads all the tag's properly.

It must be a thing with the way the LG reads the WMA files.
I've used them on a Nokia Navigator and on my Samsung Galaxy S without problems.
Both phones read properly all the tag's inside the files.

This LG P970 Maximo Black can't see the Artist Name on the WMA.

Convert the WMA to MP3 does not seems a good option.
I believe it's better to rip from the CD's to MP3.

What's your advice.

Best regards,
Carlos Manuel

In both cases you start with a lossless format - mp3 on the other hand leads to a loss of information in respect to the stored audio data.
It may just be more convenient to rip straight from the CD ... but if you have only the WMA left, then you have to use that one...

It's an Android problem. Have a look at these threads from andtroidforums, it seems you can fix it: