WMA, multiple artists


I'm new to this board, so first a huge applause for a very nice piece of software!

I'm in the process of transcoding my library from WMA to MP3. I will use MediaCoder, which do not, however, support WMA-tag transfering. I therefore turn to MP3Tag and are planning to export tag-information to a text file using the Export-function before transcoding. When transcoding is complete, I'll use the Text File to Tag-function to let MP3Tag tag the files.

There is a problem, though. WMA-tags often include multiple artists (artist1\\artist2\\...). I understand that support for this has recently been introduced; however, when trying to export that tag information using the Export-function and the Tag to Filename feature, only one artist1/composer1/band1 is exported. Other tags are exported like a charm!

Is there a special syntex that I need to use? Or is this a (known?) bug?

Thanks in advance.