WMA problem with Wine on Linux -- can't find wmfdist.exe

First, let me say "Vielen Dank für Mp3tag"! I wish all software were as good!

I have switched from Windows to Linux, and I am happy that Mp3tag seems to run very well using Wine. However, as a former Windows user, I have some WMA files. I tried to edit the tags of some of the WMA files with Mp3tag, but the program was unable to read the existing tags.

I read in the FAQ that the user must manually install wmfdist.exe in Wine for Mp3tag to be able to edit WMA tags. This must be my problem. I have Windows XP running in a virtual machine, and I tried to find wmfdist.exe, but I can't find it anywhere on C: . I have Windows Media Player 11. Maybe wmfdist.exe is part of an earlier version of Windows Media Player?

I also searched the forum for "wmfdist.exe", and searched the web with Google also, and didn't find much useful information. (There are web sites that have wmfdist.exe for download, but that's too dangerous: the file could have a virus.)

For me, not being able to edit WMA tags is not a problem. I have the original CDs, so I will just delete the WMA files, and rip the CDs to a better format, such as .ogg (Ogg Vorbis). So I am not complaining, I am only reporting the problem here in the hope that my report will help someone else.


  • Rob

I think that you need the Windows Media Runtime.

This apparently is available from some download sources. Or you update to WMP11 on XP, directly from Microsoft.