WMA Rating

Anyone know the placeholder for the WMA Rating metadata field? To get a column appear in the file list?

Not %rating% or %_rating% , for sure :frowning:




but IIRC WMP doesn't store the rating information in the tags but in its internal database. There is a powertoy to transfer the ratings to the tags (but I'm not 100% sure).

When I rate a wma file, a field WM/SharedUserRating is created inside the file, but it's not shown in Mp3tag.

Ah okay. This field was probably added after WMP9.

I'll have a look at it when I find some time.


Thanks, but doesn't work here (v2.35a) - such a column shows blank both on an WMA which has had its rating stored with the powertoy (and confirmed by viewing the file) and on an MP3. Attempting to enter a rating value causes on WMA an error, and on MP3 no effect AFAICT.


This field was probably added after WMP9.

Certainly it is created by the WMA9 rating powertoy

on MP3 no effect AFAICT.

Scratch that - it does work on MP3. Just not on WMA.