WMP-Library transfer to other PC


I know, this is the MP3tag forum.
Still: does anybody know whether it is possible to transfer a WMP library from one PC to another, provided it has the same drive configuration?

The background: WMP stores in its library counters that would be valuable enough to keep them e.g. the counter for repetitions.
So far my experience has been that on a new PC/hard drive WMP always creates a new library from scratch...
is that just the way it is?


I've found two links maybe you could use as a starting point and maybe they are useful :wink:



For some inexplicable reason have I never managed to get a brandnew WMP to import an old database.
Even if you rename it to a newly created one - there seems to be something inside that tells wmp that this database comes from a different place.

So: all these hints either guide you to restore a backup on the same computer or tell you how to transfer the "settings" from one PC to the next - but these only seem to be how to treat internet connections and sample rates. They do not transfer the database with all the internal data.

The background: I had a number of automatic playlists that allowed me to listen to recent tracks and/or the ones I haven't ever listened to (in WMP's opinion). Right now, with the new library, all tracks are new and haven't been listened to.

Thanx for the effort, but I am still on square one.