WMP11 Volume Leveling tags

I was playing about with windows media player 11, and discovered the volume leveling feature which supposedly makes all songs play back at the same volume. At first, I thought this information was stored in a similar way to the iTunes soundcheck data (which goes in as a comment), but I was unable to see it in mp3tag. After searching forever online, I have come to the (possibly incorrect) conclusion that windows media player 11 stored volume leveling information in private tags within an id3v2 tag.

Is there any way for me to easily view/edit/remove this data (using mp3tag or not)?



I am rapidly learning about digital music formats, having just purchased a SONOS music system. I have spent the last few days asking similar questions about WMP11 and "volume levelling" in WMA files. I stupidly enabled adding "volume levelling" to my WMP11 library. SONOS supports this if it is present...but now I think I may not want it. This has left me with a problem, as I don't know if my files 'really' do have the "volume levelling" TAG data present or not!!

I have asked SONOS support, and their answers were...

.....NO IT DOESN'T (at least I can't find it).

.....NO IT DOESN'T appear to!! (assuming my files actually have the TAG)

So I have come to the same conclusion as you...NOBODY out there knows how to read/show/display/remove the "volume levelling" TAG added by WMP11.

I know many of you out there are not fans of WMP, but here lies a challenge....

  1. How do I know if my WMA file has the "volume levelling" TAG present? [I think it's called "WM/WMADRCAverageReference"]

  2. If it is present, how do I remove it?