Won't write Title Tags on MP4 or M4V files anymore.

I have several .MP4 and .M4V files that I have created for my church youth program. I've used MP3TAG successfully in the past to add cover art and Title tags to these files. Suddenly, the cover art sticks but no text tags are saved.

I just upgraded to v2.63 Is there a preference or setting I missed somewhere?


Michael Hager

Sometimes mp4 files cannot be edited, depending on the creator of a file.
It would be interesting to find out if you can still edit the old files and if the failure applies only to new ones ...
I cannot explain the treatment of the covers, though.
AFAIK, the only remedy is to remux the files ...

You made me think about the idea that some files work and some don't. I had just changed converter apps and that was it. Back to the old converter, not quite as convenient, but no problems with those files.