Workflow using MP3Tag & DropBox

Hi there,

First of all: thanks for this great tool that is MP3Tag!

I use it for quite some time now, but in a very basic way so far.

I've decided to go further, and I would need some advice/support in order to do so: The idea is to build a full workflow, using MP3Tag & DropBox, in order to get all my freshly downloaded tracks (on PC) organised and imported on my MacBook Pro to be used in Traktor Pro.

1 - Tagging

Once a track is downloaded (most of the time on my external HDD) I use the built-in "Tools" feature of MP3tag to launch discogs & beatport on FireFox5 and get manually the desired tags/cover art (I don't really mind doing it manually as it allows me to better know the track):

Tool 1 : "Search Discogs based on Artist + Title"

D:\Utils\FireFox_5\firefox.exe, ,+,&,+)"&track="$replace(%title%, ,+,&,+,-,)"&btn=Search+Releases

Tool 2 : "Search Beatport based on Artist + Title"

D:\Utils\FireFox_5\firefox.exe, ,+,&,+)+"$replace(%title%, ,+,&,+,-,+)"

2 - Renaming the file based on tag

Here the goal is to:

- Rename the file following this template: artist - title.mp3. I need to dig into this one on the forum, but I think I can handle that part from what I've briefly seen about the "Actions" feature (with something like "_FILENAME": %artist% - %title%).
  • During that process, I need to remove the " - Original Mix" well known from Beatport customers :slight_smile:

  • also when multiple artists are involved (I used the follwing classification in "Artist" feild : artist 1, artist 2, artist 3, etc... so that Traktor find through a search artists names in feilds %artist% and %TRAKTORREMIXER") I need to get rid of the ", " on the file name and replace it by " & "

3 - Adding it to an existing playlist based on %Genre% and located on DropBox

This is a tricky part for me. So far I did not really find a way to add (increment) the selected tracks to an existing playlist located on my Dropbox folders, based on %genre% tag.

4 - copying the file to a specific folder (in that case that would be a folder on Dropbox)

Also on that part I don't really know how to copy the file in a specific folder, based on %genre% tag. That folder would be located in a sub-folder on Dropbox

I believe phases 2, 3 & 4 might be handeled in 1 click through a scrpit or an action?

5 - The last step is pretty straight forward and is already ok

When I turn on my MacBookPro, Dropbox is active and will download all the newly added tracks and playlists locally. When I start Traktor, I configured it so that it adds automatically all the new tracks, the updated playlsits and analyse them.

Thanks very much for reading, and maybe for kind help...

Have a good one!