Working with mp3tag

Hey there,
Just want to make sure I've got the right thing.

Currently I've got a large folder of music, and it's a mix of mostly FLAC, with some mp3s and some m4as. There are many sub-folders. I hope that mp3tag will be able to tag them all, ideally using a batch feature.

To use mp3tag, I would appreciate some help. Currently every file is labelled the way I want it (in Windows). But the current state of the tags is a mess. I want to flush all previous tags, and use the Windows file names as my tags. It took me some time, but all Windows files names are in the same format, and it's organized the way I want. Each artist
In general, all Windows file names are
Artist - Album title - Track number - Track title

If someone could hold my hand through this, I'd appreciate it greatly. Once my music is tagged correctly, I'll be a happy human.

Thank you.

Use the converter "filename - tag" with a mask that looks like this:

%Artist% - %Album% - %Track% - %title%

the converter will fail, though, if your artists, albums or titles have additional hyphens so perhaps it would be wise to apply a filter first that checks for three hypens in the filename
%_filename% MATCHES ^.-.-.-.$

Basically what you want to do is select all files (Ctrl-A) and then use Filename-> Tag conversion (Alt-2). A dialogue box will open in which you specify the filename string for translation to tags. In your case the string you'll enter is as follows: %artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%.

If you're wanting to flush all tags beforehand simply select all files and hit Ctrl-R or right click and select Remove Tag.