Works with biterscripting ?

I like the looks of mp3tag. I like the flexibility it offers. I often need to convert lot of media files.

Does mp3tag work with biterscripting ( ) ? All my scripts are in biterscripting. Could someone please post a couple of sample biterscripts using mp3tag commands. That will help me get started. I think it will help a lot of other people as well.

Thanks in advance.


Hmm ..."biterscripting" sounds like another obscure scripting language the world do not need.

It seems so that you are the one and only biterscripting scripter in the Mp3tag world for now, so the task is for you to demonstrate us the magic usefulness of this scripting vehicle.
By the way ... do you have scripted with Mp3tag scripting language yet?


Never heard before about biterScripting. :flushed:
What would you like to do - especially if you "need to convert lot of media files"?
mp3tag doesn't convert media files at all... :book: