Wow, I'm looking forward to...

Oh my, am I looking forward to end of next week, when the (yet again) newest version of MP3Tag is gonna be released!

How long it will seem since we upgraded...

(Seriously though, what the fuck? Three version upgrades in as many weeks?

Being this close to switching off the checking for a new version reminder at starting up the program, I decided to vent my mild annoyance from nagging reminders into sarcastic ranting. Apologies.)

In all seriousness though, thanks for an amazing program without which I'd be royally fucked in trying to ascertain a grip on gigabytes of MP3s.

I can understand what you mean, but Florian isn't paid to do this so he does this in his Spare Time. Oke he gets Donations but my guess is that isn't nearly enough to keep him developing Mp3tag full time.

So now he has some spare time and he puts out a new version and then again it isn't good and people start ranting because of the many versions he brings out.

And Also Please Note: If there is Bug (like the regression of saving config files or runtime errors) then Florian wants to deal with it as soon as Possible and doesn't wait a couple of weeks for bringing out a new version as these bugs can affect a lot of Users.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit that if he (temporarily) stops development (because of time restraints) people will start ranting

"Why is isn't there a new version from Mp3tag coming out"
"Is Florian still developing Mp3tag or is it dead"
etc etc

If you don't like that you get a New Version Notification, just turn the ....... thing off <_<

/ My Rant Over