Write all files at once?

I have a large list of MP3s and I would like to go down the list, adding a different cover picture to every file. It seems to me that I have to add a cover to a file, then save the file, then repeat with the next files, which takes much longer.
Is there a way that I can just go down the list adding covers and then save the whole batch at the end?

If there isnt a way to do that now, that would be a great addition, not with just covers, but with everything.


If you have the cover files stored in the file system then you could use an action to import the different covers.
If the files that should get the same covers are located in the same folder, the you could enter as
Format string: *.jpg
which would import the first jpg-file found in that folder.

That is a very cool idea! It doesnt really work for my current situation, but it gives me an idea of what I can do.
It seems to me that my idea would require everything to be stored in memory all at once until written, which might be problematic somehow.

Thanks for the advice!