"Write BOM" checkbox influences UTF-16, too

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"Write BOM" checkbox in config panel, influences the writing of UTF-16 files, too. IMO it must influence only UTF-8 files, as they, really, may be written with or without BOM (without is the standard) - but UTF-16 files must be always with BOM, otherwise they will incorrect files (not readable). I think, this is a bug; at least I'd like it more this way. Or, as a compromise, may be taken a "Write BOM" checkbox at export window too, not only in config.

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I've just revisited this topic and consulted the Unicode Standard (Version 11.0). According to 3.10 Unicode Encoding Schemes, it's possible to also write UTF-16 without BOM.

I'm moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs

Thank you, Florian, for your attention.
The times change -- now I always use BOM everywhere. (And only UTF-8.)

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