Write more than one field with same name to Flac/Ogg/Ape

With Flac files, I'm looking for a way to separate the contents of a field into multiple fields with the same name. Can't see how to do it.




I tried a Replace action, replacing ; with \\ in the hopes that the double backslashes would have the same effect as they do in the tag panel, but they do not.

If you do this and then manually save the tags again (Ctrl+S) it should work. I think that's the only way.

Yeah, I played around with that a little. It works on a group of files as long as the string values are all the same. But if they're different, it will keep the value. So it wouldn't be possible to do an entire library.

One oddity about the double backslashes I hadn't realized is that in the tag panel you can't actually tell the difference between a field containing a double backslash and what is shown to mean the value of multiple fields.