Write Tags to FLAC (and Possibly Other) Files in Alphabetical Order


First of all, thanks for MP3Tag, it's very useful and intuitive and it makes life much easier.
I have discovered something probably nobody else in the world would ever care about, so just disregard my post, if you think it's pointless and stupid.

I have been tagging a couple of my FLAC files and I have found that the tags don't get written back to the file in alphabetical order - instead they get written back to it in MP3Tag's display order. This is no problem if one does not use remapped tag names, but if one does, the result is a bit unexpected.

If you for example have a file with the tags "ARTIST", "ALBUM", "DATE" and "GENRE", upon saving the tags get reordered as "ALBUM", "ARTIST", "GENRE" and "DATE" if you have the DATE field remapped to display as YEAR in MP3Tag. So, I think that the fields should be written back to the files in order of their actual tag field name values and not their display name values and therefore as "ALBUM", "ARTIST", "DATE" and "GENRE".

Thanks for reading and have fun! :blush:

Please note that the field names that you see in MP3tag are an MP3tag internal representation of the labels for the fields.
You see them sorted alphabetically in the extended tags dialogue.

The real name of a field (if it is a field at all) is different from the names in MP3tag.
see https://docs.mp3tag.de/mapping for the mapping.
In flac files, vorbis comments are used which may be a different thing altogether.
So, depending on the respective point of view and applied criteria, a completely different sorting order might be the consequence.

Thank you, I think I understand that.
My point was that if you internally label the "DATE" field to show as "YEAR" in the extended tags dialogue, the real field "DATE" gets written later to the file than "GENRE" for instance.
If one than opened the file in Winamp for example and he or she looked at the tag field/value pairs, they would most likely discover that the field "DATE" comes last in the list. Than again it's possible that this is desired behavior, so as I wrote in my initial post maybe this post of mine is pointless altogether.

I don't know: is this just an uneasyness about the mapping of DATE and YEAR?
Have a look at Tool>Options>Mapping
and you will find that exactly the vorbis comment date is mapped to the MP3tag field YEAR as these 2 fields serve the same purpose. I agree completely that sorting the names "date" and "year" will lead to very different positions in the line.

You are right, on closer inspection it seems that this is not just a DATE/YEAR issue. In fact now I don't even have a clue as to according to what logic MP3Tag writes the modified tag names and values back to files. For all practical purposes this is not even a real issue, but I'd still like to understand why MP3Tag does it the way it does. :blush:

Yes, that is an issues

Just today I was stunned on why does Mp3tag is able to copy on tag field to another only for certain files; until I realized that those not changed files were FLACs and the field I was trying to fill in was DATE- which is a mapped one