Writes only ID3v1 not ID3v2 ?


Under options I have the following checked:


ID3v2 (ID3v2.4 UTF-8)


When I try to have only ID3v2 under "Write" the changes I make to the files wont "stick"..

What am I doing wrong?? :frowning:


Do the files already have APEv2 or ID3v2 tags? If yes, Mp3tag will only update the ID3v2 tag leaving the ID3v1 and APEv2 tags untouched. You would have to remove tags and then undo the operation or use cut and paste.


Thanks for the reply!

I don't know if there are any APEv2 tags on the files or not.

Here is one example tho:

In Winamp:

In MP3TAG: (scroll right to see the Comment column)

The Options:

What I basically want to do is to start using only ID3v2 tags and has no real need for anything else. I do however have TONS of files and I'm not sure how to "cut and paste" on all of these to make it so that I retain all info in the ID3v2 tag and remove the rest.....without messing stuff up


The files probably have an APEv2 tag with an empty comment. Just disable both reading and writing of APEv2 tags if you don't need them.

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Ok, I did that.

But sometimes I'm playing my files in winamp, I find a nice tune I want to tag with a special marker I use to indicate that this tune is a one I like. In winamp I tag the Comment field with my special marker. Then I go into mp3tag - but it wont show ?????

In this particular example I tagged the id3v1 comment tag in winamp with "-= Kent =-" but it would not show up in mp3tag right after, even after a reload ????

I now have:

ID3v1, ID3v2

ID3v1, ID3v2 (ID3v2.3 UTF-16)

ID3v1, ID3v2, APE


If the file still has an APEv2 tag you have to remove it from the file. Otherwise Mp3tag will display the contents of the APEv2 tag.

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And then..what I do is to go from:

ID3v1, ID3v2, APE



then select the files, then remove all the tags ? edit: This will retain the ID3v1/2 tags???

Is it my winamp adding the ape tags????


Why don't you just try it and play with the various settings and functionality of your tools?

And no, Winamp does not add APEv2 tags (at least to my knowledge), but Mp3tag does if you had APEv2 writing enabled. You can see what tag types are contained in a file via the properties dialog available through the right-click menu or the keyboard shortcut [Alt+Enter].



I have been experimenting some now. But this is strange....

The file I mentioned where I added the "-= Kent =-" Comment. I checked and it did indeed have a apev2 tag. I set the "remove" in options to only remove the ape and it worked just fine - the apev2 tag is now gone.

But for some odd reason mp3tag still wont find the comment I added in winamp!?? I even removed it and readded it in winamp, but it still wont show??

I tried to change the Title and Year as well (all this is done in id3v1) but none of them gets updated in mp3tag ??

I must have set some other setting wrong I think...

I'm lost :frowning:


If you're changing the tags for ID3v1 only and the file has an ID3v2 tag as well, only the contents of the ID3v2 tag will be displayed in Mp3tag.

The tag display precedence is ID3v1 < ID3v2 < APEv2 in Mp3tag.


Hmm...according to winamp there is no id3v2, according to mp3tag there is...




There's obviously an ID3v2.4 tag in the file, but older winamp versions can't read that version.
Upgrade Winamp or change the tag to v2.3



Thanks !!!! :slight_smile: