Writing back MusicBrainz IDs in all Uppercase?

I'm not sure since which version this happens.

If you open a mp3 with a TXXX tag like
MusicBrainz Album Id
and a value like

and write it back (modified or not), then you write this tag name as
with all uppercase letters.

This is dangerous because libraries like Taglib# in "newest" available v2.1.0 doesn't recognize such tags anymore! It seems that tagnames are read case-sensitive.

If I manually change the tagname back to exactly this spelling
MusicBrainz Album Id
it works fine again.

Actually, we have no chance to create such a "camel case" tag name in mp3tag 2.79a.
In Mp3Tag you always show the tagnames in all UPPERCASE.

It doesn't bother me, if you display all the tag names in Mp3tag in UPPERCASE .
But please don't change the case spelling of tagnames if you write them back into the file.

You can use this small testprogram
(just drag & drop the test mp3 to it to show the MusicBrainz tags) in a console window.
Then open the file in Mp3tag, open the "MusicBrainz Album Id" Tag, modify it or not and save it back to the file. Writing back as UTF-16 or ISO... doesn't make any difference, it's just easier to manually modify with ISO...
Then drag & drop it again to the test program.

BTW: This is the source code of taglib with the various MusicBrainz tag names:

I've fixed this with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.88b.

Thanks for reporting!

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