Writing Composer Tag from Discogs info?

Hi, Newbie Here.
I've been using MP3Tag for quite a while but am probably only scratching the surface of what it can do.
However, I'm running up against a brick wall with this issue. I've searched the Forum, with no luck so far.
I want to auto-enter the "composer" details from a Discogs page into the appropriate tag.

I can successfully find the album details I want on the Discogs database, and can (usually) use the Discogs "Release id" number to ensure I've selected the right Discogs entry in MP3Tag.
But when I click "OK" and the tags are imported, it is not updating the Composer tag.

I'm not sure if the program can do this import?
I have also tried installing the "Pone" extension, but that only seems to improve the searching on their database, it doesn't seem to change the actual changing of the tags.

Am I missing something or barking up the wrong tree - thinking it can do something it was never designed to do?

I have this exact same question, but it looks like no one ever responded here. Did you ever get an answer?

No, I'm afraid neither the program developers nor any users replied.its a while ago now but if I remember correctly I just gave up as there were too many to do manually.

Do you have a link to an album that shows composer information on Discogs and would serve as an example here?


This for example

Under the title of the song you clearly see Written by.

But I must say, this is a wild guess as I am NOT 100% sure if that is what the OP means